What To Know About Dissertation Assumptions: Tips And Examples

Your dissertation is an important piece of writing for your education, but also for the rest of your career. This will likely be the first long piece you publish and enter the academic world with, so it needs to be good. Keep reading to learn more about assumptions in the course of your writing, so that you can ace this assignment. This part of the project is more important than you might know, so make sure you are prepared.

Assumptions for dissertation writing

These are things accepted as being true or plausible by peers and other researchers who will be reading your thesis. As an example, if you tell a friend that your favorite restaurant is a sushi place, they will assume you do not eat hamburgers there. Because things like that are not included in the text of the dissertation, they need to be addressed ahead of time to give context to the writing. The inferences and conclusions a fellow scholar can draw from your research project will vary greatly depending on the assumptions you made while writing it.

Also, note that your limitations and assumptions cannot contradict each other. If you are limiting your data based on generalizations about people in France based on only one city, then you cannot claim generalizations about the entire country as an assumption.

Since some models of work are stricter than others are, make sure you know what your advisor and professors are expecting. Your university may have its own rules for this kind of research, and you would do well to follow it. Doing otherwise can lead to drastically different results that could invalidate what you are trying to do. Consider the main purpose behind your thesis topic when making decisions like this.

Tips for thesis writing

Once you have accounted for your assumptions, you will be able to write your work with a better foundation for research. Make sure that when you are organizing your sources, none of them goes against your limitations or assumptions that are already established. There are many things to keep track of for this kind of project, but it is worth the effort to be exacting in the process. Your results and your professors will thank you for doing that work. Good luck with your research and writing! If you stick to these rules, then you can do a great job.