Law Dissertation Topics

Law can be defined as the systems of rules that are made so that they can be enforced through social organizations. They are also known as the science of justice. These laws are the reason we abide by the will of the state. These laws are made in a country using two methods. It can either be made by the individual legislature or by a collective legislature. They help people to leave peacefully among themselves. If you are studying law, you will be required to write a dissertation.

This dissertation that you are supposed to write should be perfect. The first step at writing a perfect dissertation is to find out the topic that you are going to write your dissertation on. If you choose the wrong topic, it will create a problem while writing the dissertation, as you would not have enough knowledge about the topic that you have selected. To help those students chose the right topic, in this article, we have discussed a few topics below

Topics on the Criminal Law

  1. In the developing and developed countries, how prevalent are religious laws?
  2. Explain in detail the principle of criminology
  3. In the developing and developed countries, how common are religious crimes? 
  4. Does science help in the process of the investigation? If so, explain how?
  5. Explain the good and bad aspects of the capital punishments
  6. Explain the term ‘identity theft.’
  7. Is it possible to beat drug abuse? If so, explain how?

Topics on the Construction Law

  1. Explain the process of getting an insurance certificate
  2. List down all the ethics in the construction business
  3. Is there any law there we need to know before meeting the subcontractors?
  4. In construction projects, how many types of risk transfer options exist?
  5. How can you improve the returns on investment?
  6. List down all the misconceptions related to the construction insurance
  7. Is there a method to settle the differences in the insurance claims?
  8. Explain the procedure of setting up a proper risk assessment.

Topics on the Scots Law

  1. Does freedom of speech exist in society? If so, what role does it play in society?
  2. Explain the copyright laws
  3. Explain the policies of discrimination
  4. In maintaining the net-neutrality, explain the responsibility of cyber law
  5. Explain the laws that are related to abortion
  6. How to get rid of domestic violence from our society?
  7. Can child welfare be improved through laws?
  8. What is the UK’s family law, and what amendments does it need on an urgent basis?

Topics on the Company Law

  1. Explain the role of the company’s directors
  2. How are the environmental laws broken by most of the companies?
  3. Is it possible to enforce laws on companies to improve the environment?
  4. Explain the tax history of the United Kingdom
  5. Can we work in an unofficial firm legally?


By going through the topics that are given above, the student who is studying law will have an ample number of topics to consider. After selecting one topic, they should conduct the brainstorming session and scribble down all the points that come in their mind. Once they have done that, they can begin with the writing process.