How Do You Write A Dissertation And Defend It Successfully

Writing a dissertation is a monumental task that should be seen as an integral part of your investigation of the thesis—not as a separate assignment that can be eventually done at some future time. Even if you consider yourself an apt writer, don't underestimate the importance of learning and clarification that is required when drafting and writing your dissertation.

A quick note on style

Experts from MyDissertationTeam advise to carefully check the writing requirements to understand the chapter structure, the general flow and layout of the thesis. There are several styles of writing so make sure you use the appropriate one and also note the required word count.

Defending your dissertation

The importance of confidently defending your dissertation cannot be overstated. Every argument in your dissertation must be ironclad and thoroughly supported with proper data and reasonable conclusions. Defending your dissertation will not be a friendly chat. It can be a hostile interrogation and you must have an answer to every question waiting and ready. You should expect no leniency in any regard as you will be given none, so don't attempt to offer any excuses.

Everything and anything can be questioned as you're defending your dissertation: from your font choices to your choice of statements. There’s a good reason for such seeming hostility; Interruptions and unusual questions are supposed to break your concentration and mimic real-life conditions where you will have unexpected problems at every turn. If you can remain calm and defend your dissertation in such conditions of increased stress, you will prove yourself a true master of the discipline.

How to stay calm and assertive

Whenever you're asked an awkward question which you cannot answer properly, rephrase it in such a way that it brings the discussion back to your thesis. You are not expected or obligated to discuss random theories or listen to unrelated trivia.

Don't take this process and any perceived unfairness personally. Always remain professional and respectful, no matter what happens. Remember that your confidence will be tested as well as your knowledge of the subject matter. Bring plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout the thesis defense. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Keep in mind that nobody is omniscient, not even the faculty attending the defense of your thesis. If they make a mistake, politely point it out. Defense of your thesis is all about what you've learned in researching and writing the thesis and the natural extension of that process is that you will know more about the subject than people who once taught you about it.