Culture and Fashion Dissertation Topics

The topic of culture and fashion is extremely diverse. If a student wants to carry out a dissertation based on culture and fashion, he or she should make sure that they find an interesting topic. The association between culture and fashion itself is natural and vibrant. Some of the topics based on culture and fashion are mentioned below. 

Topics based on the iconography

The branch of the culture and fashion that deals with the study of celebrities are called iconography. The celebrities are considered as icons, and mostly young people are attracted to these personalities. These young people would follow everything their icons would do. The broader term used for this sort of behavior is called celebrity culture. Some of the topics that the students can select for their dissertation are mentioned below

  1. Why was Marilyn Monroe regarded as one of the most fashionable women in the world?
  2. Discuss the relationship between Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn, and their contributions to the world of fashion
  3. Discuss the fashion statements of Madonna
  4. What was Beatlemania?
  5. Has Pride and Prejudice influenced the designers of today?

Topics based on the history of fashion

The history of fashion is extremely dense, and the students can easily find a topic of their choice for writing their dissertation. Some of the major topics are mentioned below.

  1. Explain the British fashion over the decades
  2. What is the age of the teenage rebel? 
  3. What is the age of liberalism?
  4. Are the cobbler and the tailor forgotten trades?
  5. How was the fashion sense of the Tudors and Stuarts?

Topics based on children’s clothing

One of the most imaginative fashion branches is that of children’s clothing. They have an extremely diverse market. Some of the topics related to the children’s clothing are mentioned below

  1. How do superheroes influence children’s clothing?
  2. In children’s fashion, what is the meaning of skateboard culture?
  3. In children’s fashion, is there gender stereotyping? Why can’t girls wear blue and boys wear pink?
  4. How did the motifs become a part of the children’s fashion?
  5. Was the children’s fashion affected after the second world war?

Topics based on clothing and leisure

Clothes give people an idea about the person’s current social status and their identity. It is a vast topic, and a study of these topics is extremely interesting. Some of the topics based on the clothing and leisure are given below

  1. Explain the sports clothing, and how have they penetrated the market?
  2. How important are labelling and branding? 
  3. Give a detailed history of hat
  4. How has the ball gown evolved?
  5. Do celebrities have any influence over fashion? 


Although the culture and fashion are interesting topics, it is not a necessity that all the topics in the culture and fashion are of your interest as well. The student must understand the importance of selecting a topic for the dissertation. They should keep in mind that choosing a topic that is not in their interest will cause them problems during the brainstorming sessions and later while writing the dissertation.