25 Great Political Science Thesis Topic Ideas To Impress Your Professor

If you’re looking for a great political thesis topic idea and feel stumped, the best place to go to would be the internet. There are forums and academic websites that will be able to give you a list of ideas that you can use for your paper. Here are some examples that you can use if you want to write an impressive paper:

  1. Children Soldiers in Afghanistan
  2. Judicial Systems and Sexual Preference
  3. Ireland and Reproductive Rights
  4. Telecommunications Policy in India
  5. Social Media influence in Political Campaigns
  6. Women and Equal Pay: Assessment of differences in different countries
  7. Women and Political Activism
  8. Voting Rights Act
  9. Debt Crisis in indebted countries - their effect on global politics
  10. Squatter Settlements in India
  11. Why governments need Bureaucracy
  12. An argument against Marxism
  13. Neoliberalism in Canada
  14. Immigration laws in Europe
  15. Egalitarian Policy
  16. Health Systems in the UK
  17. Powers and Limitations of the US President
  18. The role of the media in Politics
  19. How to get more people to Vote
  20. How have Executive privileges been used by the American President
  21. Compare the two major political parties of America
  22. The effectiveness of polls during Presidential campaigns
  23. Are interest groups gaining more political power?
  24. Slavery. Are we in or out?
  25. Is fear mongering being used as a tool to control people

There are literally hundreds of interesting thesis topics that you can come up with for your next paper. If you want to think about your own unique idea for a paper, the best idea would be to do some research on a topic that interests you.

Once you find enough source material on a topic that you feel strongly about, you can turn all the information that you have collected into your own dissertation. The two things that you should keep in mind when you are selecting a topic is how much information you already have regarding the subject and how well you can present your material (are there enough evidence and sources to support your theory). If you are able to satisfy both these points, you can be rest assured that your paper will turn out well and impress your professor. Of course you should also make sure that you are interested in the subject you have picked; as this kind of an academic paper requires a lot of time spent in researching and writing, you shouldn’t get bored of what you are writing on and lose interest in doing it well.